Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK)
Styrenated phenol (SP)
Dicyanide diamino formaldehyde
Disproportionated potassium ro
Tris(nonylphenyl)phosphite (TN
Compound antioxidant (P-36)
Sodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamat
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       About Us  

Located at Jinshan town of Linzi district in Shandong province, Zibo Qixiang Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. was founded as a collectively-owned enterprise of Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Corporation Group on July 2, 1998. We became a private enterprise on July 2, 2004. With a registered capital of CNY 45.47945 million, we now have wholly-owned (shareholding) subsidiaries; among them, Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Stock Co., Ltd. started IPO successfully in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 18, 2010.

At present, Qixiang Group produces more than 20 kinds of products, including MEK, MTBE, and Isobutylene, TBA, carboxyl Styrene butadiene latex and other chemical auxiliaries. Qixiang Group annually produces 460,000 tons and sells more than CNY 3.5 billion of products. We are the biggest MEK manufacturer in the world now, with an annual output of 176,000 tons; our MEK products now are well sold in more than 10 counties such USA, Canada, Korea, and India, etc.

As an ISO9001, GB/T28001 OHSMS and HSE approved enterprise, Qixiang Group has obtained a number of honors by now, including "top-100 private enterprise of Shandong province", "Trustable enterprise of Shandong province", "Good enterprise of Shandong province or equipment management", "AAA credit-ranked enterprise", "Star enterprise of Shandong province for labor service" and "honored enterprise of Zibo city", etc.

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